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"When choosing a builder for your new transportable home, make sure you compare apples with apples..."

Panelwood Homes build the best value-for-money homes in New Zealand! But, with so many home building companies in the market place - each with different pricing policies, how do you assess the total cost when deciding which builder to approach?

First, we have to define "value-for-money". For us, it means that you love your new home and feel it's worth every cent you paid for it and more.

In simple terms there are three broad categories of home building companies in New Zealand:

Panelwood Homes have pioneered a new category; we call ourselves "client builders" - because we listen, we understand, we care and we build warm, comfortable, low-maintenance houses. Best of all, there won't be any unexpected (unpleasant) surprises!

Typically each of these categories has different pricing policies

A note on the "dangers" of working on square metre rates:

Be very clear about what is included and excluded from the rate quoted - specifications and inclusion lists differ widely.

The floor plan affects the square metre rate; for example, both shapes below have an area of 16 square metres, but the square shape has a wall length of 16 metres, the rectangular shape has a wall length of 20 metres - the extra 25% of walls would clearly add to the building cost.

It is also worth noting that smaller houses will always cost more per square metre because the bathroom, kitchen, site connections etc. all cost about the same for most houses, irrespective of size.

Pricing for homes built on-site

On-site prices for Panelwood Homes include the following items.

Panelwood on-site price inclusions:

As all sites are different, please contact us so we can provide a fixed price quotation for your site.

Pricing for transportable homes

Panelwood transportable homes are built in the Panelwood construction yard ready for transportation. For ease of comparison these prices have been formatted in the same way as the majority of transportable home companies price their buildings.

Panelwood transportable home inclusions:

  • Alterations to standard plans
  • Consent drawings
  • Council building consent fees
  • Kitchen
  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Interior linings and doors.

This price excludes the following:

  • Site-based council consent fees
  • Painting
  • Floor coverings
  • Transport to site
  • On-site foundations
  • Fastening the house onto the foundations
  • Base boards around the foundation
  • Decks
  • Site clearing and access requirements
  • Sewer connection from the site boundary to the house
  • Power connection from the site boundary to the house
  • Water connections from the site boundary to the house.